Best hotels in turkey | Antalya hotels

Barut Hotels let you experience their corporate philosophy which has been shaped since 1971 with the tradition family-owned business in their nature friendly resorts where the sun, sea and entertainment blend with quality.

Our story began in 1971 with a hidden paradise – like resort “Cennet” (meaning “Paradise”) which could only be accessed via the sea. The days where access to the resort was an adventure in itself passed by quickly and “Acanthus” with its pure flawless tradition had been established already. Our resorts “Hemera, Arum, Lara” and after that “Sunwing” soon joined our story. With the year 2013, we offer you four more fortresses: “Andız, Sorgun Sensatori and Barut Kemer”.Our first city hotel, Akra and Akra Park, joined Barut Hotels family in 2014. The city’s new color, “Akra”s, soon became the brightest star of Antalya. And yet another adventure in 2015, a new and exciting journey we’re going; Our first hotel outside of Antalya, Barut Fethiye.


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