Antalya hotels – Luxury Stay In Antalya

More Flavour, more A’la Carte…

Our guests will also have the opportunity to visit all of our A’la Carte Restaurants without limitation, where we will serve special dishes from international cuisines.
At Barut Acanthus Cennet, our guests will be able to try delicious local fast food alternatives called “street flavours” at different times of the day. Should our guests wish to enjoy more healthy options, we would like to invite them to visit the new vegan corner we just added at the open buffet restaurant for their benefit.

Please note that we have a minimal dress code for all to enjoy dining in elegant and comfortable surroundings. Shorts, swimwear and slippers are not permitted in the restaurant.
The opening dates and hours of the unites can be changed by the hotel managment due to seasonal condintions.

Bottle service is not available in bars & restaurants.
We kindly ask you to book your table at least 1 day in advance with your room keys by the computers near the Guest Relation desk.


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