You’ll see stars at Barut Lara this autumn

The world’s biggest names in fitness join us at Barut Lara from Monday, 14 August to Sunday, 20 August!

Our first guest Pierre AMMANN, the colourful and multi-talented trainer and award-winning athlete.

A Switzerland, Europe and World Shotokan Karate Champion, and a brand name in his field, Pierre Ammann is the Founding President of Update Fitness and creator of the latest trends in the fitness world. Ammann brings Yoga, Power Yoga, Mental Centering, P.I.I.T. and Kickmore to Barut Lara, introducing new norms in fitness for a fit and healthy life, and dozens of activities that transform exercise into entertainment.

Ammann is joined in the fitness workshops by two important entrepreneurs from Update Fitness, Andre Romanens and Katayoun Var Goor.

Just the first of many activities at Barut Lara that will make your summer memorable, the Superstars of Fitness are delivering action!

All sports lovers may attend this delightfully healthy event – realised with the Barut Lara guests – with daily accommodation.


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